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Costco Review: D’Amico Spicy Eggplant Strips

Now, I’m a guy that likes to eat just about anything. The sole exception to that are eggplants and everything in that category of vegetables, such as squash, pumpkin, et cetera. Of course, it’s only so that when people ask me what I don’t like, I have something to say, because I actually don’t mind eggplants, if they’re prepared properly.

Strangely enough, people in general will not believe you when you say you like – or even love – everything. But with every rule come the exceptions, and for me, those are Spicy Marinated Eggplant Strips. Costco has been out of this product for years, but I’m happy to report that they are making a comeback! I bought the D’Amico Spicy Eggplant Strips from Costco yesterday, and what a deal!

Costco D'Amico Spicy Eggplant Strips in Seasoned Oil Product Review

Because I was in so much of a rush to taste these things – years, I’ve been waiting! – I actually ripped off the packaging as soon as I got home, so you don’t see that there is supposed to be 2 jars in the same heat-shrunk package. For the price of $9.99 – no taxes in Canada – you get 2 jars liked the one pictured above, a total of 2 liters of eggplant goodness. This comes out to about 50 cents per 100 grams, which is a fantastic deal. 100 grams of spicy eggplant strips is a lot to put on a sandwich, or even several sandwiches.

Costco D'Amico Spicy Eggplant Strips in Seasoned Oil Product Review

D’Amico Spicy Eggplant Strips Ingredients

Here are the ingredients that go into those delicious eggplant strips, in order of appearance:

  • Eggplants
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Peppers
  • Wine vinegar
  • Salt
  • Herbs, Hot chili peppers, Flavors (my favorite), Citric acid, Ascorbic acid

The good news here is that there is really nothing wrong with this list, nothing bad or anything. Of course when you drill down to the nutritional information and facts, this can change a little bit.

Costco D'Amico Spicy Eggplant Strips in Seasoned Oil Nutrition Facts

As you cann see from the image here, these eggplant strips are actually food for you, at first glance. No sugar, very little fat, and only some ‘excessive’ salt to throw a wrench in the whole affair.

We are also told that there are but 30 calories per 30 gram serving. Interestingly, we are also told elsewhere on the package, that these must be eaten ‘drained’.

An interesting theory, for sure, but it’s a bit rich to assume that I’m not eating those straight out of the jar. Which I am. If they are not drained, I can certainly assure you that there are way more calories than 30 per serving, and way more fat than the beautifully low numbers listed above.

That being said, I don’t really care. The oil is nice and spicy, and gives a velvety smooth texture to the natural springiness of the eggplants. I don’t mind the extra calories, no matter how many. This stuff is awesome.

In Conclusion: D’Amico Spicy Eggplant Strips from Costco

These eggplants are fantastic to add in pasta, or simply on a nice sandwich. The texture is just springy enough, the oil makes it velvety-smooth, even if you drain then, and they are just spicy enough, won’t burn your mouth but they’ll give a nice little kick to whatever you’re having. Despite their 12% of salt per serving, they don’t taste too salty and won’t overpower anything, but bring out the best in whatever you’re serving them with. At only $9.99 Canadian dollars for 2 jars, or $5 a jar, you can’t really go wrong. They are made in Italy by D’Amico and contain wholesome ingredients, although this is not certified organic or vegan. According to this recipe, you can make your own, but that seems like a process, especially if these are so affordable with your Costco membership.

What do you put these guys on? Let me know in the comments, and please share recipe ideas. I’ve got 2 jars of this stuff to go through!

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