One-Month Challenge

One-Month Clutter Challenge: Update 2

We have now been on our One-Month Clutter Challenge for 8 days, or 26% of the month, and I am happy to report that the only ‘clutter item’ we purchased was a Dragon Pen, meant as a little gift for our son, as he loves to write.

As you can see in the chart below, we have spent so far this month $422.16 on groceries, and $45.04 on restaurants.

Monthly Budget Excel Sheet for One-Month Clutter Challenge
This month’s budget is looking good so far!

The groceries can be divided into a single Costco bill of $290.49 and a visit at another grocery store for $131.67. For the Restaurant category, we have $37 going towards a Spaghetti Fundraiser and $8.04 for some chicken wings for lunch.

If we were to keep that level of spending for the entire month, we’d end up with a total monthly spending amount of $1752, which is pretty much on target with our monthly budget.

I’m actually anticipating that our spending will drop for the rest of the month, as I don’t think I’ll make 3 other shopping trips of this magnitude at Costco. Usually I’m good for about $150. Neither my wife nor I have put gas in the cars yet, so we’ll have to see.

If possible, and I may regret those word later, I would like to keep it under $1300 for this month, so as to catch up from last month’s budget disaster.

As you can see, I’m pretty organized; I didn’t make that Excel sheet just for the article, I’ve been using it for years, and it has really help me manage my money more efficiently.

Do you do a monthly budget, and if you do, how do you manage it in the day-to-day, and if not, well, why not? Please let me know in the comments below!

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