One-Month Challenge

One-Month Clutter Challenge: Ice Storm

This is going to be a short update, because I have to get to work, but I’m not going to skimp out on the details too much. A lot has happened in the last few days, all of it caused by a meteorological phenomenon called an ‘ice storm’.

In a nutshell, this happens when it rains and the outside temperature is just at the freezing point. The rain just freezes on everything. It’s very pretty, but also heavy, which means A LOT of broken trees, which fall on power lines, which cut power to entire regions – not just neighborhoods or streets. On April 8th, at night, over 315,000 households were without power in my neck of the woods. That’s a lot of people.

I have a sump pump in my basement to evacuate water as it rises, but because of the lack of power, it wasn’t working, which required me to purchase a water-pressure based pump, which was a complete waste of money because I was too stressed out to install it correctly. In the end, we only got minor flooding and damage, but the expense and the clutter remains.

I ended up spending $77.76 at the Home Hardware for that stupid pump, and every penny of it was a waste, and additional clutter for me. As discussed with my wife, we will return what we can and throw out the rest, as well as the now defunct garden hose (which will need replacement).

I also spent $27.75 taking the kids out to the restaurant, where the food was warm and plentiful, as opposed to home, where everything was room temperature.

We were out of power for about 30 hours, and surprisingly we did not lose anything in terms of food. We did not open the refrigerator or freezer a single time, and even the chicken and cheese I had bought at Costco the day before were still okay.

This has been an exhausting week so far, but the kids took it well, we didn’t spend too much and managed not to add to the clutter. I look forward to purchasing and installing a gas-powered generator in the near future.

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