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Costco Review: Whisps Asiago Pepper Jack Cheese Crisps

As a massive cheese lover, there are few things I enjoy more than a new cheese-based snacks. In fact I love cheese so much that my doctor told me that if I stop eating it, I’m at a severe risk of weight loss! Joking aside, my new Costco find are the Whisps Asiago Pepper Jack Cheese Crisps.

Whisps Asiago Pepper Jack Cheese Crisps Costco Product Review
Whisps Asiago Pepper Jack Cheese Crisps : Price and Value

I certainly love my cheese snacks, but not at any price. These Whisps cheese crisps, in the 269-gram Costco-sized bag, cost $12.69, Canadian dollars. It is possible to purchase them on sale, with perhaps $3 or $4 off, but not all the time.

Now 269 grams is not really big for a Costco-sized product, but since these crisps are made exclusively of cheese, they are quite filling. The price is not bad, however it boils down to $4.71 per hundred grams, which is pretty expensive. Buying these on special will certainly help here, and they are, after all, quite delicious.

Whisps Asiago Pepper Jack Cheese Crisps : Taste and Texture

When it comes to taste, these are awesome, unlike the pretty horrible Moon Cheese I reviewed before. These crisps are absolutely delicious and do not taste like the bottom of a stale box of Cheez-Its. They are much spicier than you would expect, so maybe not so great for the kids, but, eh, more for me.

Whisps Asiago Pepper Jack Cheese Crisps Costco Product Review
Pardon my fingers.

These crisps’ texture is also right on the money. Very nicely crunchy, thank you very much, which turn a pleasant mulch of cheese in your mouth if you take a big mouthful. Which I did. For research. Several times.

Whisps Asiago Pepper Jack Cheese Crisps : Nutrition Facts and Ingredients
Whisps Asiago Pepper Jack Cheese Crisps Nutrition Facts Costco Product Review

Let’s start with the bad news. As you can expect from a product made entirely of dairy, these crisps are pretty fatty-fat-fat. In each 30 gram serving, and that’s not a lot, you’ll be served 41% of your daily saturated fats – 8 grams – as well as 35mg of cholesterol and 360mg of salt, or 16% of your daily recommended allowance.

That being said, you’ll also find 27% of your daily calcium. Each serving also contains 13 grams of proteins, so that’s not bad at all.

As far as ingredients go, you could hardly ask for better. The only listed components of these wondrous crisps are cheese, Asiago and Pepper Jack. Nothing else, if you can believe it. No weird, unpronounceable garbage ingredients, no preservatives, nothing. Nice.

Whisps Asiago Pepper Jack Cheese Crisps : In Conclusion

You could do much worse than these cheese crisps, if you can handle the saturated fat, salt and cholesterol. Whisps Asiago Pepper Jack Cheese Crisps are available at Costco, as well as in other grocery stores, and are made in the USA, thank God. No weird melamine-laced Chinese cheese here.

Whether you enjoy eating cheese at night in front of the TV, or offering to your guests something new and different, you could do worse than plating up some Whisps Asiago Pepper Jack Cheese Crisps, from Costco of course. Everybody’s taste buds will thank you!

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