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Costco Review: Cosco 3-in-One Platform Hand Truck

I’ve been looking for a good, affordable hand truck for years. I need to to move boxes from my warehouse, which until then I’ve been doing exclusively with an annoyingly small-wheeled platform. It has the unfortunate tendency to drop everything and get caught in every crack in the floor. I was very happy to find the Cosco 3-in-One Platform Hand Truck at Costco, for a good price.

Costco Review: Cosco 3-in-1 Platform Hand Truck
Cosco 3-in-One Platform Hand Truck: Price and Value

I bought this hand truck a few days ago at Costco. I paid $99.99, plus taxes, so about $115 Canadian dollars. Now I’m no expert in the world of hand trucks, however a quick look in my local Uline catalog tells me I’ve made a good deal.

The cheapest hand truck in the Uline catalog is $145, plus taxes and shipping, and we’re talking about a heavy steel one. A convertible 2-in-One hand truck sells for $265, steel again. An aluminum convertible hand truck similar to this one sells for $292, and it doesn’t have a folding toe plate. Anyway you look at this, this a great price.

Cosco 3-in-One Platform Hand Truck: Build Quality

Looking at the hand truck, it is certain that some compromises have been made. For example, the cart is mostly aluminum, however, all the yellow parts are steel. To me, that is an acceptable compromise, considering the price, but this is a not a fully aluminum hand cart.

The welds are consistently clean and unlikely to break under normal use, although I will update should anything of the sort happen.

Costco Review: Cosco 3-in-1 Platform Hand Truck

The wheels are made of hard plastic, and as such are not subject to puncture. The contact surface seems softer, for better traction, but I’ve not tested it yet in any conditions than a dry floor. In any case, the wheels seem very durable.

Cosco 3-in-One Platform Hand Truck: Size and Weight

The overall width of the Cosco Hand Truck is 19 inches. The foldable toe plate itself is 18 inches by 8 inches, and is made of durable steel. The overall height is 48 inches. This is also the overall length when in platform mode.

The weight might be an issue for some people, as the Cosco Hand Truck comes in at roughly 13 kilograms, or about 28 pounds. This could be lighter if everything was made of aluminum, of course, but the price would not be the same.

The diameter of the wheels is 10 inches, which is more than enough for everyday use, and will ensure that your hand truck will not get stuck in every crack in the floor when under load.

Cosco 3-in-One Platform Hand Truck: Features and Carrying Capacity

When it comes to carrying capacity, this thing is a beast! It will carry 800 pounds (363 kilograms) in hand truck mode, and 1000 pounds (454 kilograms) in platform mode. This of course assumes that the weight is evenly distributed, et cetera. I know I will not get anywhere close to those limits, but it’s good to know that it is build tough.

Costco Review: Cosco 3-in-1 Hand Truck (Platform mode)

This hand truck features both a continuous handle for one-handed operation as well as individual hand handles, a nice touch. The folding toe plate is also welcome, which means that you are not constrained by the 48 inches length when carrying items in platform mode; you can carry much longer items without it being awkward.

One area of concern is the size of the smaller wheels, which come into play in platform mode only. Their diameter is 4 inches, which while an industry standard, makes me wary of loading up the platform too much. I’ve had experience with smaller wheels getting stuck in an floor/elevator gap, for example, and it’s not fun. That being said, this is a situation that can be easily avoided.

Cosco 3-in-One Platform Hand Truck: In Conclusion

This Cosco 3-in-One Convertible platform hand truck, which I bought at Costco for about $100, seems like an absolute steal. It feels solid in very aspect, and it is very easy to use. Changing from one mode to another is quick and simple, using a single heavy plastic clasp, and the folding toe plate is also activated with a single button. I’ve had some experience with Cosco products before, a ladder specifically. I’ve had it for years and I am very happy with it. I hope to be able to say the same of this hand truck, years down the line!

I’m very happy to finally have purchased this; I’ve been looking for a product like that for years, and hopefully it will help me in my decluttering efforts!

Have you bought this product, or have any experience with it? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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